About Us

Welcome to Wasden Photographic!

I'm Justin Wasden.  I make photos, everywhere—every day.  My photography is part of my character and has grown with me overtime.  Beginning in a Black and White Film class in high school, furthering as an active member and co-leader of the Cache Valley Photographers Club in Logan, Utah, and advancing as an intern to photographer Levi Sims (SDesigns Photography) in 2011; photography and I became attached.  Since then I am continually studying, practicing, and developing new ideas and skill levels to make the best photos.  My commitment and connection to my art guarantee original, effective, and inspiring photographs. 

Recently, I pondered the question, “Why do I make photos? What makes it me?” I discovered that without my photography, I get shut off and bottled up.  Photography is my outsource—it is how I communicate to the world.  And that is powerful.  That is why I run this business.  I want to not only make art of my visions and dreams—but I also want to reach out, to rub shoulders, and to commemorate your talents, your passions, and your experiences of life.  I want to create so we can inspire, teach, develop, and remember.

So, check out my portfolio, share with me your ideas, and let’s go make some photos!